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Q - What is a 7702 Private Plan?
A - Click Here - A 7702 Private Plan combines a relatively small amount
of life insurance with an investment vehicle that pays you interest based on a stock index performance. Your money is never actually invested directly in the market, so there is no risk if the market index goes down.

Q - No market risk, is this to good to be true?

A - At first it may seem to good to be true to earn market returns without market risk, thats why you need to review the details in a Private Plan illustration. Your money is guaranteed and your funds are never at risk to market loss, the worst case scenario for a 7702 Private Plan is to earn 0% interest.  On the other hand if the market goes up 12% you earn 12% interest. This simple secret to investing has been known for generations by the wealthy, and now is available to you. Contact us today for a free no obligation Private Plan illustration and learn how you can earn risk free market based returns in a tax free Private Plan account.

Q - How much does it cost?
A - There is no cost or obligation for our information on a Private Plan retirement account.   

Q- How do I get more information?
A - Contact Us today to speak with a licensed professional.

Q- Why doesn't my broker recomend a 7702 Private Plan?
A- There are as many answers to this question as there are financial professionals.  But most often it simply comes down to commissions.  Over a 10 yr period, a 7702 Private Plan will generate as much as 80% less in commissions than a traditional broker account, 401k, IRA, ROTH or mutual fund.   Many financial advisors simply won't recommend products that will cut their income by 80%, regardless of the superior benefits available in a quality 7702 Private Plan.
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7702 Private Plan 7702 Private Plan
A 7702 Private Plan structured correctly will generate approx 80% less commissions than a traditional broker account or mutual fund.  Simple economics are the reason relatively few investors are familiar with how to structure a 7702 Private Plan to generate great cash returns at retirement, and few advisors are willing to recomend a product that cuts their income by 80%.