Increased taxes on future income also ads additional risk to successfully creating financial security.  A virtual blank check promised to the Medicare System is one of many indicators that income taxes will go up in the near future. If you are defering taxes today in a qualified plan such as IRA or 401k, you will likely pay a much higher tax bill in the future than if you would have just paid the comparatively low tax rate of today. A 7702 Private Plan is similiar to a ROTH, after tax dollars are invested creating tax free income. Unlike a ROTH, the cash values in a 7702 Private Plan are accessible regardless of age and without penalty if you are under the age of 59 1/2.

The exceptional liquidity of a 7702 Private Plan can allow you fund your own credit purchases, you can be your own bank. Instead of borrowing money for a car loan, you borrow from yourself. The interest you would have paid to the bank is redirected and paid into your private plan increasing your retirement lifestyle. Private banking is a very powerful financial tool, a female at age 30 who self finances an average car purchase every 5 years will have the potential to increase her retirement nest egg by over $100,000 without paying any more money than she was already paying. The secret to a supercharged retirement is to take the interest you would normally have paid to banks and credit cards, and divert those dollars back into your retirement account. No other plan allows you this key strategy to increase your retirement potential. Contact us today.

Are you inclined to think that income taxes will go up in the future?  Would you like to earn market based gains without the possibility of market losses? If you are reasonably healthy and willing to take a physical exam then a 7702 Private Plan might be the right solution for your retirement plan. Contact Us to schedule a free no obligation telephone consultation.
An IRS approved Private Plan under Internal Revenue Code 7702 (sections a-d) is a superior choice (view investment matrix) to traditional qualified plans such as a 401k, IRA, or other tax qualified plan.  All traditional IRS qualified plans have restrictions and limits on how much an individual can contribute to their plan annually, and of the few loan options available there are strict rules and hefty penalties. Traditional qualified plans also trigger State and Federal penalties if you need income prior to age 59 1/2. And similair penalties are triggered  at age 72 if you are not withdrawing enough   for the IRS to tax. There are many reasons to choose a risk free 7702 Private Plan, not the least of which is safety. and peace of mind.

Recent National media stories (video) have highlighted the dangerous financial situation America is faced with as the first of 85 million baby boomers began collecting their Social Security retirement check in January of 2008.
Highlighted features in a quality 7702 Private Plan:
Equity Integration Services
If you needed to borrow money from your traditional qualified plan and you lost your job for any reason (including your employer going out of business) your qualified plan loan must be paid back immediately.  A Private plan offers you the flexibility of being your own bank, and paying yourself back at any time, or never at all! 
Private plan income is 100% TAX FREE

The remainder of your account is passed to your heirs TAX FREE

Funds in your Private Plan are guaranteed, no market risk.

Fund completion is guaranteed for a surviving spouse

Contact us today for a free Private Plan retirement illustration and information on how to properly structure your own personal tax free 7702 Private Plan.

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7702 Private Plan 7702 Private Plan
A 7702 Private Plan uses IRS Tax Code section 7702(a) to combine the tax free income of a permanent life insurance pollcy with the financial market opportunity of a major stock market index to provide a superior tax free retirement income that cannot be outlived when structured properly.

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NO contribution limits

NO pre 59 1/2 IRS or State Penalties

NO withdrawal requirements

NO loan limits or repayment requirements
Retire with tax free income from a 7702 Private Plan
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Prepare for a secure retirement with a 7702 Private Plan
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