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7702 Private Plan 7702 Private Plan
IRS Approved Section 7702 Retirement Plans Create Tax Free Income Without Market Risk
A 7702 Private Plan is a financial strategy that uses IRS guidelines to safely, and predictably grow your wealth even when stocks, real estate and other investments decline. And unlike other investments, 100% of the income you receive from a properly designed 7702 Private Plan is tax-free.

How Does it Work?

The 7702 strategy uses a special type of life insurance contract with little known features that over the long term has hands down beat the average 401k or IRA investor. The strategy this investment class offers eliminates the risk of market losses while capturing most of the market gains during good years. Growth in the plan is automatic and never exposes your money to market risk or volatility. Savings in a 7702 Private Plan also has the advantage of being immune to future State or Federal income tax increases, unlike the tax-deferred strategy of a 401k or IRA.

Yes, you read that correctly. A 7702 Private Plan is a special type of insurance contract designed specifically to create and distribute wealth while you are alive, and is 100% tax free. It grows based on market gains but cannot lose money due to market losses.

Is This Investment Strategy Safe?
Wall Street managed to lose more than 45% of the average investorís money - TWICE - in a single decade. During this same period, investors using the guaranteed strategy of a properly designed 7702 Private Plan sailed smoothly through these rough periods without losing a penny. Owners of a 7702 Private Plan are certain their accumulated wealth will never experience another market crash again, are you certain your 401k or IRA is safe against market losses?

If your goal is to increase your financial security today, save money for tomorrow, and create a retirement lifestyle you control, then a 7702 Private Plan is the best way to invest.

What you need to know:

Instant Financial Security - The insurance company that administers your plan is required to have in place a minimum amount of death benefit coverage determined by the amount of money you are saving monthly or annually. No other investment strategy guarantees if you die before you retire, your family will receive a tax-free lump sum equal to about how much money you would have saved had you lived until retirement.

No State or Federal Penalties - When you create wealth in a 7702 Private Plan, your funds are not subject to age 59 Ĺ penalties, or minimum distribution requirements. If you want to retire at age 55, and have the funds to do it, you can with a 7702 Private Plan and begin to take income without a 10% penalty from the IRS. And at age 72 there are no minimum distribution requirements.

Market Based Growth, Principle Guarantees - Unlike any other investment vehicle, a properly designed 7702 Private Plan earns interest based on gains in a stock market index. However, the insurance company must by law guarantee your principle and any credited interest will never earn less than 0% interest. This means you canít lose money when the market crashes, but you earn interest based on market gains. Heads you win, tails you donít lose!

Tax Deferred Growth, Tax-Free Distribution - Just like a 401k or an IRA, funds invested in an insurance contract that is compliant with section 7702 grows tax deferred. This is an advantage because money grows faster when you donít pay taxes on it. Unlike a 401k or IRA, income from a 7702 Private Plan is not subject to State or Federal income tax. Taxes will play a huge role in determining the lifestyle of millions of Americans whoís 401k and IRA is at risk to future tax increases. Investors who employ the 7702 strategy are immune to future tax increases.

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